Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Consider the Blog...

What is a blog? A way to waste time in idle chat? An obligation and necessity? Or is it an opportunity to share what you love with like-minded individuals?

I'm trying to avoid the first option, feeling the pressure of the second, but am hoping for the third.

I'm an author of urban fantasy and other aspects of the fantastic. Mostly dark. So far, only dark, but with glimmers of light. As such, I live in my own mind and my own worlds quite a lot of the time. But those worlds are being created for others to visit and, perhaps, live in as well. After all, I have imagination to spare -- why not share it with others?

Why start this blog on a holiday week? Why not? Imagination and inspiration wait for no man, and choose when, where and who they strike. My hope is that they continue to hit me wherever and whenever they want.

So, happy holidays, enjoy the latter part of Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. And here's to those of us who will both enjoy the festivities and see a creature of darkness lurking under the tree or hiding behind the menorah. And to those who know their delivery man is truly a moonlighting werewolf, and that the woman who works the late shift at the fast food restaurant is really a vampire down on her luck. It is for all of you that I we know we're not alone.


J.G. Chase

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